Nila Patty

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“You are the president, the decision-maker and the conservationist in your own home. Your contribution to the better of the world can start there”

After understanding that we need to stop pointing finger to each other, Nila took her own initiative to combat the plastic pollution from her own home. During her master study in Nijmegen, Nila decided to stop using single-use plastic and start living a lifestyle called a zero-waste lifestyle. Her new year resolution in 2016 brought impact not just to her but also to the people around her. This time, she wants to share her experience with you, and remind you that you are never too small to make a difference.

“The zero-waste lady or the no plastic lady.”
These are the comments that I got when I met people that went to my lecture. My name is Nila Patty, and I have been living a zero-waste lifestyle since 2016. Besides living the lifestyle, I am also sharing the lifestyle to the public by giving workshops, lectures and advice. I want to empower everyone to create climate action from their own home. The issue of climate crisis sometimes is overwhelming. With the zero-waste lifestyle, I am bringing a simple approach for people to contribute to the climate movement. Moreover, I am bringing my experience from the global south and global north since I come from Indonesia and have been living in The Netherlands since 2010.

I graduated with a Master Degree in Medical Biology with specialisation of Science, Management and Innovation. I also bring knowledge on the impact of climate change with health based on my education knowledge. Waste is not just a problem of the environment, but it can also impact our health.

Since 2016, I have given more than 50 lectures and workshops. I am also hosting and moderating several sustainability events in the Netherlands. During the capital year of Nijmegen in 2018, I am closely involved with the municipality to invites the resident of Nijmegen to start reducing their waste with 30 days challenge.

I have spoken at 2 TEDx events in the Netherlands and have been featured in more than 30 different articles and media, including the UNFCCC. This time, I want to be able to share my story to a bigger audience. The stage is the most comfortable space for me, and I am hoping to be able to share, inspired and motivate you with this story of mine at your event.

Check out my latest TEDx talk in Venlo:




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